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Beverley Pomeroy is a Community Engagement Strategist that lends to help companies and organizations connect with their communities.
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About Beverley Claire Pomeroy

Beverley Pomeroy graduated from high school with a powerful vision to make a difference in the world. Her journey took her from abridged university studies to MDS Inc. where she was instrumental in developing innovative solutions to improve and streamline work processes.

Her entrepreneurial spirit soon took hold and she left MDS to form Eighty Twenty Advantage to assist healthcare organizations organize events. Beverley realized that these events could become even more productive and financially successful leveraging online technology.

Beverley Pomeroy's journey into Not for Profit / Social Change occurred when her youngest child was born with a life limiting illness and she suddenly found herself on the receiving end of philanthropy. After several years, she decided to be a part of the solution.

Beverley Pomeroy is a woman who, despite enormous personal challenges, is spearheading the growth of a business that is being recognized globally for its innovation and ability to help non-profit organizations and corporations achieve their community goals. She is an inspiration to everyone she meets through her passion and unwavering commitment to her vision of backyard philanthropy – making communities better by giving back. She embodies passion, purpose, integrity, generosity and a remarkable capacity to be able to find good in the world and in her own backyard. Beverley has a remarkable gift to convene collaborative partners to design/redesign human systems through the aggregation or adaption of technology.

Beverley Pomeroy works with organizations in all sectors to help them advance their community engagement. She is Vancouver’s go-to person for organizations looking for help in online technology, digital strategy and social consciousness. A fearless technology innovator, Beverley Pomeroy gives language to new ways of thinking about business that are leading the world into the 21st century.

Core Offering:
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Social Media Integration
  • Event Production
  • Digital Platform Development
  • Member Acquisition and Retention
  • Fund Development
  • Digital Content Production

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Who is the Backyard Philanthropist?

Beverley Claire Pomeroy is the Backyard Philanthropist with a vision of redistributing wealth at a grassroots level through Speaking, Consultation and innovative Social Entrepreneurial initiatives.

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What People Are Saying

“Beverley Pomeroy is an extremely motivated and hard-working individual with a deep passion for charity. She has a lot of experience in the field - both personal and professional - that has created a drive unsurpassed by her competitors.”  - Nicola Walter
“At Publicis we hired Beverley to work with us on a project. Beverley was a joy to work with. Professional, enthusiastic, intelligent - she brings passion and commitment to her work. Beverley adds huge value and I will definitely work with her on future projects.”  - Heather Carter
“Beverley and Global Currents are exceptional colleagues and provide a much-needed resource to nonprofit organizations. They demonstrate real insight into the problems faced by community-based service providers, then utilize their skills to help these groups obtain the resources needed to achieve their goals. I am delighted to recommend Beverley and her colleagues. Global Currents is a wonderful resource.”  - Judy McGuire
“Beverley Pomeroy has a wonderful and unique ability to blend her business sense with compassion and giving. Global Currents is a tremendous organization and a must for any business looking to make a difference in the world. Beverley has great insight & passion for her work and I would highly recommend any business taking the time to meet and work with her.”  - Steven McIvor
“Bev is an enigma. Her passion for philanthropy combined with deadly business savvy creates a unique entrepreneurial spirit. With a steady stream of ideas she continues to expand the Pinc Giving playground and I look forward to playing in it for a long time...”  - Matt Friesen
“Bev is an impressive woman. Bev's award winning combination of innovative thinking, knowledge of digital and social media, and philanthropic efforts make her poised for even more greatness. I am very happy to have Bev within my network.”  - Joseph Gamboa
“Bright, engaged, passionate about giving back and making a difference. Bev Pomeroy is a remarkable leader and advocate---Highly recommend!”  - Cynthia Roney
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